Avatar Quiz!

A: Favorite Element(s): 

Fire and Water.

B: Favorite Nation?: 

Fire Nation

C: Favorite Character? 

J-just one from each?  Oh. God. 

A:TLA - Azula

LoK - Asami or Lin.

D: Favorite Avatar? 

Aang or Kiyoshi, I DON’T KNOW. OH GOD.

E: Favorite Bender? 

A:TLA - Azula and Katara

LoK - Lin and Tenzin

F: Favorite Non-Bender?

A:TLA - Sokka 

LoK - Asami 

G: Favorite Episode?

A:TLA - Tales of Ba Sing Se and Sozin’s Comet

LoK - When Extreme’s Meet

H: Who would win in a fight between Korra and Amon?

Korra, if she got her shit together. :|

I: Who would win in a Pro-Bending Match between Fire Ferrets and


Fire Ferrets

J: Favorite Gaang Member?

Zuko and Toph

K: Least Favorite Gaang Member?

I like the rest the same, I’ve never gotten annoyed by Katara, Aang or Sokka.

L: Least Favorite Character?

A:TLA - Jet. Hands. Down.

LoK - Tarrlok. Fucking douche.

M: Least Favorite Element?

Probably Air. 

N: Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?

A:TLA will always hold a special place in my heart, I love Korra but…A:TLA is hands down my favorite out of the two.

O: Top Three Ships?

A:TLA - Kataang



LoK - Korrasami



P: Least Favorite Ships?

A:TLA - Toph and Aang. Ew.

LoK - Makorra

Q: Favorite Avatar-World Animals?

Flying Lemur, Polar Bear Dog, Sky Bison, Badger Moles, and Dragons.

R: If you could change one thing about the Plot of the original series, what would it be?

Blue Skadoo into the show and love Zuko bb 5eva.

S: Have Beautiful Babies With / Marry / Banish - three characters.

Babies with Bolin, marry Asami because that bitch is rich as fuuuuuuck, and banish Amon. 

T: What do you think happened to Ursa?

I have no clue.  But because I love to see Zuko in pain and all vulnerable I hope that she’s dead. 

U: If you could have an Animal-Guide, what would it be?


V: Northern Water Tribe, or Southern?


W: Favorite Air Temple?


X: Omashu, or Ba Sing Se?

Omashu, just because I love the story behind it. <3

Y: Who’s more of a badass: Ozai, or Amon?

Amon, Ozai waited for a comet…but Honey Badger Amon don’t give a shit.

Z: Of all the quotes from Avatar: The Last Airbender, which one is your favorite? 

"My last girlfriend turned into the moon…"

"That’s rough, buddy."


"Who lit Toph on fire?"

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Do people not get that Amon can’t energy bend?  

He is not Aang.

He can’t take away bending.

He can use strong chi blocking to block people’s bending.

That’s why in today’s episode it showed Aang taking away Yakone’s bending. The proper way.

Also, didn’t Katara blood bend without a full moon when she went on a life changing field trip with Zuko to find the man who killed her mom?  They attacked the Sea Ravens and she used blood bending against the captain…

Just puttin’ all this out there >.>

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